“Shaun has LITERALLY changed my life...From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a Rockstar!”

“Applying to physical therapy school this past cycle was definitely a roller coaster ride. Personally, I come from a family where I was the first to graduate college and now, I decided to embark on a new journey towards graduate school. At the time, I didn’t necessarily have anyone to reach out to in regards to my questions and concerns on where to begin. From the very beginning, Shaun guided and supported me every step of the way. In terms of my essay, he encouraged me to really dig deep and to reflect on my journey thus far. We spent several sessions on editing my personal statement and I am proud of the essay I have submitted! He built my self-confidence and he empowered me to believe in my capabilities. As a result, I was invited to attend four in-person interviews. In addition, Shaun conducted several challenging mock interviews for me while making sure that I answer the ultimate question over and over again which is “why do I want to become a physical therapist.” By the time the interviews rolled around the corner, I felt more than prepared. Yes, of course, my nerves were definitely present but I was well equipped to take on the challenge! With Shaun’s interview preparation, I knew how to answer each question truthfully while remaining genuine to my personality and my story. With Shaun’s guidance, I am so happy to share that I was accepted into my DREAM program and I will be starting physical therapy school this Fall. I am so humbled and appreciative for Shaun’s support throughout this entire process and I am truly blessed to have stumbled upon his services. Shaun has LITERALLY changed my life and I am forever grateful for this experience. And to every “underdog” applicant out there, it truly is not about where you come from, or what mistakes you have made in the past but, it’s a matter of where you go from here. If you are persistent and remain positive, no destination is out of reach. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you, Shaun! You are a Rockstar! ”

~Christine B.

“Shaun's coaching made the biggest difference for me and my application, and I know he can do the same for you if you are willing to put the work in and let him help you.”

"PT application coach made THE biggest difference for me. I applied to 4 programs, and was invited to attend interviews at all 4, I only chose to attend two of them and I was accepted to both. I ultimately decided to attend Northern Arizona University, go lumberjacks! At the time of my application I was working and I was taking classes and was very busy; I remember I wrote my personal statement and thought I did a great job. I sent it to my PT advisors at my school before I had started working with Shaun and they sent it back saying my essay wasn’t at all what PT programs were looking at all. I read other application essays and could not understand why mine wasn’t good enough. I was really frustrated because I had always thought of myself as a strong writer. I had been successful in all my writing classes in college. I didn’t want to change my essay because I thought I did a really good job...I look back at that now and realize that was pretty naive. Shaun helped me to see what I needed to do differently to improve my essays. The best thing that Shaun did for me was not just to fix my one essay, he taught me how to highlight my individual strengths without seeming conceited. Because Shaun taught me the structure and content of how to write strong essays I was able to apply this system to all of my application essays and write secondary essays all on my own! Shaun also really helped me with interview prep. I watched his course videos and did a mock interview with him and that helped me so much. I left my interview at Northern Arizona and I literally thought, that was way too easy because it wasn’t nerve racking, in fact, I was so excited to share what I was passionate about. Shaun taught me that being a strong interviewer is not about having a good rehearsed answer, it's about highlighting yourself with stories.  With any question they gave me, I was able to stop, think, and answer properly because Shaun taught me these skills. My interview at NAU was a group interview and I was able to compare my responses to interview questions to my peers. The preparation Shaun gave me helped me to really stand out. I don’t say that to brag, because if I would not have done the mock interview I would have been just like the other people I interviewed with. There were huge differences in the reactions that I saw from the interviewers between my responses and the simple or commonplace responses of my peers. Anyone can pick up the skills necessary to highlight your experiences to show why you would be a good PT. I would recommend everyone use this service, even if you think you are a smart kid. That's what I thought about myself before, and Shaun’s coaching made the biggest difference for me and my application, and I know he can do the same for you if you are willing to put in the work and let him help you."

~Rachel S.

“I definitely recommend Shaun’s services to you guys! You will invest your time and money, but you want to make sure you do this right the first time and not have to do it again.”

“I was accepted into West Coast University’s DPT program, all with the help of Shaun’s application coaching products. I would not have been able to get into physical therapy school without his help. I utilized his application essay and interview coaching. Going through the process of the PTCAS application you get the essay prompt, and this year’s was pretty general and I definitely had writer’s block. What I had written was very boring and I knew it was not going to help my application. After I found Shaun’s coaching services I gave his products a shot and after going through the breakdown of his whole program, discovering my strengths and weaknesses, I rewrote my entire essay. The people who proofread my essay before were surprised at the dramatic improvement. I was invited to multiple interviews, which I was so excited about, but also very nervous. Being happy with the results I had with Shaun’s essay coaching I decided to utilize his interview coaching services. The mock interview I had with Shaun definitely boosted my confidence and self esteem. I definitely recommend Shaun’s services to you guys! You will invest your time and money, but you want to make sure you do this right the first time and not have to do it again.“

~Aram B.

“Utilizing Shaun made my application experience SO much easier. Starting from freshman year, he gave me a specific roadmap.”

"Applying for PT school was definitely one of the most stressful things I’ve had to deal with career-wise so far. Utilizing Shaun and PT Application Coach made my application experience SO much easier. I sat down with Shaun starting freshman year and he gave me a roadmap to show me exactly what kind of experiences and coursework PT schools were looking for so I could have a strong resume come application season. All I had to do was follow the road map and Shaun helped me give me the confidence to know that I was on the path to be the best applicant I could be. Come application season, I reach out to Shaun and invested to have him help me with my essay and interview skills. It definitely was one of the best financial investments I could have possibly made considering how expensive it is applying to PT school. Shaun helped me figure out, what are my greatest strengths, how do I bring them through with my previous experiences and put them down on paper. I had worked so hard to beef up my resume, but writing an essay that doesn’t simply rehash that resume was actually really hard. Shaun knew exactly what to help me highlight so that my essay would be one that PT schools wanted to read. By talking to me and asking me questions, he helped to give my essay depth and substance. When it came to interviews, Shaun put me through some brutal mock interviews, but it really gave me the confidence to sit in front of a stranger and tell them why I deserved to be in their program. Of all the schools I applied to, I received interview invites from all of them and will be attending A.T. Still University's DPT program summer 2020. To all the people I know coming into the application process this summer, I recommend Shaun’s services. It’s worth investing in you, so that you can bring out the best version of yourself. It doesn’t hurt to have somebody who’s got your back who knows everything there is to know about getting into PT school."

~Amanda S.

“To any of you having second thoughts about your application or your essays, work with Shaun!”

“When I applied to PT school I applied through PTCAS to a program that participated in early decision. This program did not have interviews, so it was very important to me to have a killer essay, and Shaun helped me do that! I was accepted into my top choice for PT school. I was very satisfied with Shaun’s essay coaching services and the whole process in general. Shaun did three things to make this experience very valuable to me. #1 He was very personable. Our first meeting we discussed what I wanted to work on, where I felt I needed improvement, and what he could to get me where I wanted to be. #2 Shaun was very organized and professional from day one. From the first email he sent me, he was very quick to respond, very organized in in his system that he uses to help you create a first draft to the meaningful and bold essay that I had hoped for all along. #3 The follow up. After our meetings, Shaun followed up with me through the whole process. He regularly checked in to see how I was doing, where I was at in the process, and if there was anything he could do to help. Shaun was always available, from the time that I started applying all the way until I was accepted. It felt great to have that outside support all the way through the application process. Shaun is top of the line at what he does and takes what he does very seriously. To any of you who are having second thoughts about your application or your essays, work with Shaun! He will take your essays to the next level, which is what you want to have the first time you apply. If you want to do it right the first time, Shaun is going to help you do that and really help you get into the school of your choice. His YouTube channel is also a huge help, if you have any questions about the application process or how to navigate PTCAS you should definitely check that out as well.”

~Zach B.

“Shaun took my essay from a 2 to a 10 in a matter of 2 coaching sessions.”

“I first met Shaun when he came to speak to the physical therapy club at my school. A year or so down the road as I sat frustrated writing my essays for PT school, I knew he was the person to contact. Shaun helped me identify my strengths and pinpoint which ones to highlight in my essay. He took my essay from a 2 to a 10 in a matter of 2 coaching sessions. I looked back at my first draft I had sent him and realized how glad I am that I did not submit it to PTCAS. I heard good news from every school I applied to and will be attending my top choice in Fall 2019. I am so appreciative of all the help and advice he could offer me and am so glad that I decided to contact him for help!”

~Alyssa M.

“Thanks again Shaun! It feels so great to be accepted into PT school and know that my future is secure!"

"I chose the coaching services because I wasn't exactly sure what to expect during the application process as well as I wanted help to make my essays as competitive as possible. Shaun really helped me to understand exactly what to expect with PTCAS and helped with a couple edits on my essays. I really enjoyed how he was very easy to work with. He would reach out to me periodically to make sure I was on track as well as to see if I had any questions. This kept my application on the forefront of my mind. I would definitely recommend others to use these services and have passed on Shaun's contact information to of my friends so they can get the same help I received. Thanks again Shaun! It feels so great to be accepted into PT school and know that my future is secured!"

~Alex B.

“Shaun helped me discover the best things about myself as an applicant."

“Shaun was the best essay and interview coach I could have asked for! He helped me highlight the most important things about myself to make my essay feel whole and complete. He helped me prepare for interviews so that I could confidently and articulately share the best things about myself as an applicant. Shaun helped me discover the best things about myself as an applicant. His insights were always helpful and constructive. He has the ability to look at applicants with a keen eye to make them the best they can possibly be. I am definitely happy I chose to work with Shaun. He has helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. I was accepted into several programs and will be attending my top choice in the fall!"

~Maegan s.

“Shaun's Essay and interview Services helped reduce my stress levels and complete the process confidently."

“Applying to PT school can be overwhelming especially without any resources to prepare you for what the process looks like. I have had my heart set on Physical Therapy school for so long and wanted to make sure I put my best foot forward the first time. Having access to Shaun's essay and interview services helped to not only reduce my stress level, but gave me the affirmation I needed to complete the process confidently. I was able to ask the questions I needed about the application from someone who went through it before which helped ensure that it was processed and completed correctly in the end. Above all, I valued the interview preparation the most because I was provided with practice questions that forced me to have an answer repertoire that I could apply to almost any question I encountered in my interview. On top of that, engaging in the mock interview sessions prepared me in both mannerism and fluency. I appreciated that Shaun was very accessible throughout the whole process and is very experienced in aiding applicants. I would recommend this service to other applicants because the application is already time consuming, but under his guidance it took the pressure off of completing it correctly and allowed me to do so confidently."

~Ann s.

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